our executive board

SAANCHI Bhatia,  ​​President

Hometown:  New Delhi, India

Graduation Year:  2021

Major(s):  Economics & Political Science

Minor(s)/Certificate(s):  Asian Humanities & Business Institutions

Ice Cream Flavor: Cookie Dough

"Our chapter is filled with amazing women and I look forward to supporting them to be at their best and happiest"

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Ola Wicko,

Vice President of

Hometown:  Augustów, Poland (raised in Chicago)

Graduation Year:  2022

Major(s):  Communication Sciences and Disorders

Minor(s)/Certificate(s):  Spanish

Ice Cream Flavor: Vanilla (but I promise I’m not actually that boring)

"I chose this position because I care a lot about the people in this chapter and I want to make sure that we continue to bring in amazing members to Alpha Phi. I am looking forward to promoting diversity & inclusion from the recruitment side."


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Hometown:  Northbrook, Illinois

Graduation Year:  2022

Major(s):  Economics

Minor(s)/Certificate(s):  Business Institutions Minor & Marketing Certificate

Ice Cream Flavor: Oreo

"This is a great way to be involved in ensuring Alpha Phi's success as a chapter and it is a great teamwork and leadership opportunity. I am looking forward to getting to work with and getting to know my fellow exec board to make Alpha Phi even more awesome! "


Vice President of

Catherine Zhang,

Hometown:  Seoul, South Korea

Graduation Year:  2022

Major(s):  Journalism

Minor(s)/Certificate(s):  Psychology Minor & Business Institutions Minor

Ice Cream Flavor: Cappuccino Chocolate Chip

"I want everyone to know how great our chapter and members are! I hope to continue to build a positive reputation for Alpha Phi on campus and make sure to stay connected with our alumni."


Nami Hoffman,

Vice President of

Hometown:  Concord, Massachusettes

Graduation Year:  2022

Major(s):  American Studies

Minor(s)/Certificate(s):  Environmental Policy and Culture Minor

Ice Cream Flavor: Peppermint Stick

"I really think that the RM position can take on a much bigger role in the chapter in ensuring comfort and safety for all individuals of any identity in the everyday life of the chapter. I think that the RM should not be a top-down enforcer of rules, but rather should work from the bottom up with individuals to ensure that individual risk concerns are handled sensitively."

risk management

Vice President of


Vice President of

Kara Ingram,

Hometown:  Barrington, Illinois

Graduation Year:  2022

Major(s):  Biological Sciences

Minor(s)/Certificate(s):  Spanish

Ice Cream Flavor: Ben & Jerry's Phish Food

"I chose this position because of the large impact that Alpha Phi has on the community around us. I think it is so important to give back through both community service and philanthropy, and I am looking forward to expanding our outreach! "

community relations

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Ella Chudik,

Vice President of MEMBER


Hometown:  Western Springs, Illinois

Graduation Year:  2022

Major(s):  Industrial Engineering

Minor(s)/Certificate(s):  Computer Science

Ice Cream Flavor: N/A

"I am looking forward to bringing meaningful programming to the chapter and creating a seamless transition for new members. I want to create a safe and welcoming space for all members! I chose this position so that I can bond with new members and help the chapter continue to be a tight-knit community. "

Alex Farmer, Executive Administrator


Hometown:  Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Graduation Year:  2022

Major(s):  Mathematical Methods in the Social Sciences & Economics

Minor(s)/Certificate(s):  Geography 

Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chip

"I chose this position because it’s such an important behind the scenes job— I loved seeing all the work my predecessors put in, and I hope to give back to the chapter in the same way they did."

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MADDIE MAZELLA, pha delegate

Hometown:  Chicago, Illinois

Graduation Year:  2022

Major(s):  Theatre

Minor(s)/Certificate(s):  Musical Theatre Certificate & Marketing Certificate

Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip

"I choose to be PHA delegate because I wanted to make sure the voice of Alpha Phi was expressed to the overall PHA community."

Caroline christensen, director of


Hometown:  Evanston, Illinois

Graduation Year:  2022

Major(s):  Industrial Engineering

Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

"I chose this position because I want to be a resource for girls living both in and out of the house. I’m looking forward to working with the rest of Exec towards a better future for Alpha Phi!"

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Chapter facilities

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Alpha Phi Sorority

701 University Place

Evanston, IL 


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